Virtual Layout Tour : Walterville

Walterville Station

A Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train takes the siding to reach the westbound platform at Walterville Station.

This photo, taken during the 2014 Open House, shows the newest station structure at Walterville and the signal bridge which replaced the pedestrian bridge.

Stepan Chemical

The Stepan Chemical facility is situated at the west end of Walterville. Note Crystal Lake station and junction on the OC&P.

Walterville Station

The road between Joe Hensler Brewery and Walterville, opposite the tracks from DOUG Tower, is lined with some modern homes. One even has a solar installation. This photo looks west on the GSN mainline. The Walterville industrial spur crosses the road to the right in the distance.

Walterville is an industrial town in the three track territory east of BOB Tower and west of DOUG Tower. Walterville is home to the third largest passenger station on the GSN, after Jersey City and Middletown. Passenger trains are diverted to the outside tracks to reach the platforms while through freights typically make use of the center track. The industrial spur off the west side of the mains serves a hydro powerplant, the Stepan Chemical Plant, and Walterville Feed and Tackle. A station track on the east side of the mains serves an REA building, coal dump, and Sussex Milk & Cream.

With the installation of a signal bridge at DOUG Tower, the long standing pedestrian bridge over the three tracks had to be removed for visibility. The passenger station and platforms were also replaced as part of this project. Crystal Lake Junction on the OC&P, which is up on the hill behind Walterville, has additional photos of the creamery and new passenger station.

Historic Photos

Walterville Station

A New York Central passenger train, lead by a pair of E-8s, slows to a stop under the pedestrian bridge in Walterville Station. This original Virtual Tour photo, taken during ballasting of the mainline, shows the old station, pedestrian bridge, and even the old OC&P bridge over the mainline in the distance.


An Eastbound Erie-Lackawanna freight blasts through Walterville on the center track while a GSN switcher prepares to pick up cars from a local industry. A 1987 Plymouth Horizon beats the switcher to the grade crossing.

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