Virtual Layout Tour : The Viaduct

A high speed through freight train crosses the GSN’s high steel viaduct sporting some western motive power.

Pennsylvania Railroad self-propelled railcar #4644 heads west across the Garden State Northern High Bridge a few years before its World War-II era rebuild from gasoline to diesel power.

The Viaduct is currently the highest bridge on the Garden State Northern. It crosses a deep ravine, formed over time by the stream rushing throught the bottom of it. The bridge is only one track wide, as it only serves the Westbound Main, and is curved. Unlike most of the mainline trackage, the rail over the bridge is Code 83, while the guard rails are only Code 70. Fortunetly, derailments on the viaduct are not common, and are usually due to equipment failure.

The Viaduct scene was one of the first that was fully completed on the new GSN layout [begun 1992], with all scenery in place as of 1996. It was scratchbuilt by one of our members, and has remained pretty much untouched for the past few years. The bridge has no specific prototype, as it was more of a freestyle project, but is believed to resemble the bridge in Great Notch, NJ.

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