Virtual Layout Tour : The River Scene & WJ Tower

The River Scene & WJ Tower

Milwaukee Road 261 “S3” 4-8-4 “Northern”¬† hauls refer cars eastbound through the river scene.

West of BOB Tower and the town of Otter Creek, the three tracks of the Garden State Northern merge into two at WJ Tower. The GSN then runs parallel to a beautiful river for about half a mile across the back of the entire layout before disappearing into a tunnel and emerging at Soggy Bottom. This was the first scene on the Garden State Northern to be fully completed with scenic details. The River Scene remains one of the most iconic features of the Garden State Northern. During our Open House, a platform is set up so visitors can view and enjoy trains running through this key scene on the layout.


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A Canadian Pacific Grain Train Travels East Bound on the River Scene. A railfan captured this train from one of the eastern most points of the River Scene, WJ Tower

A short freight train heading east on the river scene

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