Virtual Layout Tour : The River Scene & WJ Tower

The River Scene & WJ Tower

River Scene

A long CSX intermodal train cruises westbound along the river. Coy Paper, an OC&P served industry at Norristown Junction, is powered by water wheels down in the river. A clear (green over red over red) signal over the eastbound main is visible in the distance.

West of BOB Tower and the town of Otter Creek, the three tracks of the Garden State Northern to the east merge to form two at WJ Tower. The GSN then parallels a beautiful river for about half a mile across the the back of the entire layout, before dissappearing into a tunnel and emerging at Soggy Bottom. This was the was the first scene on the Garden State Northern to be completely sceniked.

Historic Photos

LNE Coal Drag passes WJ Tower

A westbound Lehigh & New England Coal Drag rounds the bend into the River Scene and blows past WJ Tower.

Western Junction Tower

An NYS&W freight barrels east past WJ Tower. Note the oversized double-door Garden State Northern boxcar.

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