Virtual Layout Tour : The Hidden Yard

The Hidden Yard

The lights are positioned overhead, allowing photoelectric sensors between the rails on each track to detect the passage of a train. Also located above are the twin-coil switch machines, used due to clearance constraints. Although not visible, two new stub-end tracks are currently under construction in the immediate foreground.

The Hidden Yard serves as our primary staging area. Rather than a traditional yard, it consists of a series of passing sidings where the double-track mainline splits into six double-ended tracks. Additionally, the yard includes two stub-ended tracks, with switches on the Eastbound main at the west end. In late 2001, three more stub-ended tracks were added, connecting to the Westbound main at the east end of the yard. Above the Hidden Yard lies Albatross Yard, our fully visible switching yard.

While the Hidden Yard is mostly concealed, parts of it and other ‘underground’ sections of the railroad can be seen through plexiglass windows during our Annual Show, ensuring that no one misses the behind-the-scenes action!

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