Virtual Layout Tour : Soggy Bottom & JIM Tower

Soggy Bottom 2011

An updated view of Soggy Bottom in 2011 shows more dock detail and one of Club member Jim’s scale barges. A water tower was added on the mainline.

Soggy Bottom

All of the scenery at Soggy Bottom was completed in 2005. Compare this photo with the two shots below taken just one year prior! This freight is heading westbound into the Hidden Yard.

In 2002, the Club decided it needed a crossover at the east end of its Hidden Yard. With no room for a straight crossover, Bob hand-layed this section of track, complete with a spur which disappears into a new tunnel. Since this is one of the lowest spots on the mainline, there is a swamp crossing in front of the scene, and Bob had just seen the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou”, the name Soggy Bottom fit perfectly. The Soggy Bottom Boys are usually heard singing way down here!


A short freight training heading east passes through Soggy Bottom

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