Virtual Layout Tour : Pete’s Viaduct

Otter Creek & Perry #38 leads a milk car and coach off of the OC&P onto GSN rails. Because of the location of the wye connection, the switch could not be built on Pete’s Viaduct and had to be gauntleted to the other side!

Two CSX GP-35s pull a tank train west out of Albatross Yard onto the concrete viaduct.

As the train progresses westward, we take a reverse angle shot of the viaduct. Now you can see our famous River Scene. The branchline is on the fill to the left of the river.

Pete, a Life member of the Club, constructed this concrete viaduct to carry the mainline over our famous river found in our River Scene. This is the second highest bridge on the GSN mainline. As you can see in the photos, the bridge is 3 tracks wide. At one point the Club was contemplating about the third track vacancy, whether to leave it empty, put ties down to make it appear abandoned, or actually extend the yard lead at the west end of Albatross Yard! The switch for Albatross Yard actually sits on the east end of the bridge. Just west of this bridge is NR Tower and the interchange with the Otter Creek & Perry.

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