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Otter Creek

This overall view at Otter Creek shows several industries served by the OC&P.

A Western Maryland consolidation backs through the wye at the north end of Otter Creek. A handlaid curved diamond takes the wye across the track that serves the creamery. The priest from the church on the hill is marrying a couple on the shore of the lake to the left.

A refrigerator car is being unloaded at Twin Bridges Freight Station. The passenger station is directly behind the freight terminal and a green REA truck is visible at the adjacent express building on the right.

Right after crossing the trestles over Raystown Lake, the railroad makes a hard turn to the left and enters the town of Otter Creek. The branch expands to double-track just before the Otter Creek station, and many industries fan off of both tracks as one continues to head north. At the far end of town, the railroad passes its wye continuing further up the mountain to the mines at Robertsdale and logging camp at Woodvale.

Otter Creek was the original eastern terminus of the Otter Creek & Perry Railroad Company, a railroad that never existed in full scale. Like Perry, the scene is set for the time between World War I and World War II, or about 1914 to 1945, but like the rest of the Garden State Northern, equipment of all eras frequent the rails here.

There are many industries located in the town of Otter Creek served by the OC&P. Most of the town is on the OC&P level, and is much higher than the level of the GSN Mainline. The depot down at the GSN level adjacent to BOB Tower is named Raystown Lake to eliminate any confusion.

Historic Photos

This photo was taken right after completion of the trackwork at Otter Creek. Note the second handlaid curved diamond. Moliere Graphics, the red brick building, was eventually moved to where the blue freight station is in this photo and Clemente Cement was added there.

An early look at the Twin Bridges Freight Station. Note the mansions in the backdrop, many of which have since been removed, and the Re-Max baloon.

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