Virtual Layout Tour : Jersey City Terminal & PETE Tower

Pete is almost finished with this incredible stucture. In the distance can be seen passenger trains coming out from beneath the station. Also, note the World Trade Center towers, which we will leave in place in memory of September 11, 2001.

Looking from another angle a couple of years after the above photo, you can see a lot more roof detail and hard work by Pete on his amazing structure.

The large clock on the front of the terminal keeps real time!

The train sheds were completed in time for this photo in 2008. Note the signals over the mainline tracks in the cut between the finished retaining wall and track 1. The tower with signals resting on top of the train sheds had just been removed because three headed signals were needed going into the Hidden Yard. The platform between tracks 7 and 8 on the right is used for baggage, express, and milk.

Just east of Albatross Yard, the railroad swings around the Garden State Northern Passenger Terminal at Jersey City. However, it is informally known as the CNJ Terminal, because it is modeled after the Central Railroad of New Jersey’s terminal on the Hudson River in Jersey City (now a part of Liberty State Park and a departure point for Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty excursion ferries).

PETE Tower controls all train movements into and out of the passenger terminal at Jersey City, as well as the east end of Albatross Yard. The dispatcher is always busy throwing the endless array of switches to direct the fleet of commuter trains and expresses.

Historic Photos

On the upper level of the station, era taxis and buses wait on the road outside the station building to transport train and ferry passengers on the final leg of their journey.

CNJ Terminal tracks

This is the lower level of the Passenger Terminal. Here the station’s 8 stub-end tracks run from the throat switches to the open platforms, and then dive into the trainshed underneath the station building.

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