Virtual Layout Tour : Crystal Lake Junction

Crystal Lake Junction

New Jersey Zinc

An Erie switcher eases back onto the industrial spur and is preparing to exchange the empty covered hoppers for loaded ones at New Jersey Zinc. The Crystal Lake Junction switch can be seen between the water tower and zinc silo.

Recycled Steel

In the background behind Walterville station on the GSN main, the industrial spur passes over the coal dump, a road, and a creek before the tracks end inside Recycled Steel.

Abandoned Bridge

North of Recycled Steel, the right-of-way continues to a massive abutment, visible behind the ‘Buy Fresh Buy Local’ billboard. The opposite abutment is visible in the foreground to the right of Sussex Milk & Cream. The dirt trail on the left side of the embankment is the start of a rail trail that follows the old abandoned spur. The signal bridge over the GSN mainline is eastbound trains approaching DOUG Tower

At Crystal Lake Junction, the OC&P splits into two routes. The straight leg of the switch is the beginning of an industrial spur, which services New Jersey Zinc, the upper loading area of Stepan Chemical, a coal dump, and Recycled Steel, a scrap metal company. Although the rails were torn up years ago, this spur of the OC&P once extended many miles further, evidenced by the fact that the right-of-way continues on and crosses the GSN main again at a set of old stone bridge abutments. A rail trail following the old route begins on the far side of this bridge.

The curved, or ‘reverse’ leg of the switch at Crystal Lake Junction leads the OC&P onto an enormous trestle over Raystown Lake on its way to Otter Creek and points north. Since the station on the mainline is named Raystown Lake, the railroad maintains the original Crystal Lake name to distingush the OC&P station here.

Historic Photos

New Jersey Zinc

Similar to the first photo on this page, this older photo shows the curved mirror in the background used by operators to watch their train get around the backdrop to Norristown Junction. The mirror hung inside the famous Totawa Hobby Shop for many years before it closed.

Crystal Lake

This was one of Anthony’s first photos added to the Virtual Tour. This view looks south on the OC&P through the original angular truss bridge over the GSN main and towards Crystal Lake station on the left. The RDC is departing the station and making its way onto the bridge.

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