Little Ferry, NJ – Then & Now


CP 5 Control Point Box

This landmark signal box, the infamous CP 5, known to railfans all across the country, no longer exists. In the background can be seen the Overpeck Creek drawbridges of both the River Line and the NYS&W. CSX has since replaced the River Line’s bridge with a double track stucture, as part of their double track improvement between CP 5 and CP 7. The two headed searchlight signal, dating from when the NYC installed CTC on the River Line, is also gone.

CP 5 Crossover

A CSX train traverses the new crossover to enter the Susquehanna yard in Little Ferry. Here in 2002, the double track project has begun. Note the panel track with concrete ties on top of the new second track slated to replace the current mainline. In the distance, CSX has installed new signals, but they are turned to the side as work on the Overpeck Creek Bridge has not begun.

The Spirit of Magnolia at the new CP 5

The Spirit of Maryland is about to pass beneath the Route 46 bridge. Note the recently completed second track which now connects CSX’s Little Ferry yard with CP 7. This makes the River Line double track from its very beginning all of the way north to CP 10 in Bergenfield.


Little Ferry Station 1910

This picture looks railroad west on the Susquehanna, around 1910. Their station building sat between the tracks of the NYS&W and the New York Central’s West Shore Line, whose tracks occupy the foreground. The Susquehanna’s tracks are on the other side.

Photo from The Next Station Will Be…, Volume I – NYS&W – Middletown and East, 1973.

NYS&W 1989

Looking railroad west from the grade crosing on the NYS&W, the railroad ducks under the Route 46 bridge. Noticable on the left is the set of signal targets for the “world’s shortest section of CTC territory.” At the far right, a line of telephone poles marks the tracks of the New York Central’s West Shore line. The station sat where the pile of debris is to the right.

NYS&W 1998

An exact duplicate of the previous scene, only nine years later. The industrial siding has been removed, and an engine facility has been built.

NYS&W 2005

At the same location of the above two photographs, this monster power lashup has just completed its journey down the Susquehanna. Note the three Alcos in the background that the NYS&W just purchased. Note also the double stacks! The Norfolk Southern locomotive is sitting on the switch for the new crossover that allows CSX access to the Susquehanna’s Little Ferry yard.

NYS&W Engine Terminal 2002

This is the famous Susquehanna Little Ferry Engine Terminal viewed from Route 46. The black sand tower is unmistakeable. Note in 2002, the NYS&W was still leasing Dash-8 locomotives.

NYS&W Enginer Terminal 2005

Engines are fueled two at a time as this long lashup of power is rolled back into the engine terminal immediately north of the Route 46 bridge.