Goshen and Greycourt, NY – Then & Now

Erie, LNE

Goshen Station around 1960

One of the Erie’s magnificent Alco PA passenger diesels waits at the Goshen Station.

Photo by John L. Treen, from LEHIGH & NEW ENGLAND by Ed Crist and John Krause, Carstens Publications, Newton, NJ, 1992.

Goshen Police Station 2002

In the early months of 2002, a shot from nearly the same angle reveals how much can change over time. Both the Erie and the L&NE are more or less obliterated by the roads and parking lots in the busy town center. The station still stands, although modified. The right of way is now a municipal parking lot, and I believe the station itself has become the Goshen police station.

Erie, L&HR

Alco C420 delivery to Greycourt Junction 1963

It is 2:45PM on June 23, 1963. The Erie is delivering a brand new Alco C420 to the L&HR. 21 and 22 came in 1963. Two more C420s came in 1965 and five more in 1966.

Photo by Robert Malinoski, from TRACKSIDE AROUND NEW YORK CITY by Steve Barry, Morning Sun Books, Scotch Plains, NJ, 2002.

Greycourt Junction 2002

Surprisingly, something actually remains here long after the New Haven’s Poughkeepsie Bridge went up in flames on May 8th, 1974. Without that bridge to connect the railroads west of the Hudson with those in New England, interchange traffic dried up, and so followed the Lehigh & Hudson River. Although the L&HR is long gone (and the not-so-affectionately remembered Penn Central), this bridge at Greycourt still exists, with NYS&W track both over and under it. The Erie, at the far right of the photograph, is now gone entirely and is a recreational walking/biking path.