575 Hight Mountain Road

Layout Specifications…

  • Railroads – Garden State Northern (Mainline) and Otter Creek & Perry (Branchline)
  • Space – Approximately 40’X30′
  • Gauge – HO
  • Style – Walkaround
  • Electrical Systems – Both North Coast Engineering Digital Command Control (Radio Equipped) and conventional DC using MRC CM20 power packs
  • Signaling and Detection System – Dr. Bruce Chubb’s C/MRI (Computer/Model Railroad Interface)
  • Prototype – None (several prototypical sections and structures from New Jersey and Pennsylvania)
  • Mainline
    • Double track with crossovers (can be used as single track with sidings at any time)
    • Code 100 nickel silver flex-track (used for durability, electrical conductivity, etc.)
    • 275 feet, approximately 4.5 HO scale miles
  • Hand-Layed Trackage
  • Yards
  • Notable Scratchbuilt Structures
  • Backdrops – All hand-painted by Pete Kieran and Paul Dlugos
  • Equipment/Era – Any and all (whatever our members want!)
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