The GSMRR club encourages, and supports the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of America and the Cub Scouts of America (at the den level).

We are prepared and club members are ready to help you achieve your BSA Rail Roading Merit Badge, as well as Cub Scouts activities and GSA badges (explore/Stem) as appropriate.

The GSMRR is a model railroad in HO (1/:87) scale and will allow you to learn about Electronics, Train running, Switching, or delivering cargos/boxcars (our trains Pick Up products at the community factory, deliver to the distant customer siding … across town via engine power), and exhibit how model Railroading can be a lifetime hobby  (not just for Xmas).

Scout Nights are available by invitation only. They are available Friday evenings from January through October and may begin anytime after 7 PM. Scout Nights are FREE, as this is a service to the community! The only requirement is that a few chaperones accompany the masked Scouts, especially if they are very young. Activities may include but are not limited to observing the operation of our layout, the Scouts operating a train or locomotive on their own, demonstration of various modeling techniques or how to build a model, the usage of hobby tools, identification of the different kinds of locomotives and rolling stock, discussion of real railroads (jobs, signals, operation, etc.), AND examining 2 independent HO train rooms, one mature at 1990 era/club design, and one evolving track room currently under new! construction/ from 2019 track/CAD blueprints, … and more.   We have a small meeting area at the club and Scouts can expect member discussions about the HO model rail hobby and our over 100-year-old HO train club, how to get started (or work on related badges), and opportunities to learn more, then see the operating railroad in action for about an hour.

To learn more about how to achieve your goals or to just explore our fascinating model town/railroad facility (2 rooms), please link to the … site -pecific to the 3 or 4  below listed organizations:

  • BSA (where each following link jumps to the steps specific to that group to arrange for them to achieve their targeted badge) – Railroading Merit Badge).  We Offer a Trained and registered Railroading Merit Badge (MB) Counselor and MB class. 2. A Merit Badge Class can be for Final review of a Scout’s Railroading workbook and MB knowledge or a discussion of various MB book topics (railroad safety, examine actual engine and car models and advanced track assembly topics.
    • BSA  If a small group of 3 to 7 Scouts (patrol size room at our club)  were interested we have a sylabus and and in the past given MB class training for groups of those new to the badge wanting to learn more and explore our Model Railroad’s design; Scouts can use that tour and other class notes to complete the MB in typically about 3 sessions. Note: a Signed MB Blue bage form must be approved and signed by their local Scoutmaster befor starting MB work. For more Scout leader info Scout unit leaders please contact the GSMRR club at least 45 days before any dates/classes are scheduled.   
    • CSA  (1. Cubs vist and explore our facilities and see a really neat Train Track club/book a Tour and see a fascinating operational model Railroading layour (over 24 scale miles currently and growing),  and 2. Webelos/AOL (Arrow of Light) Engineer activities/CSA scout badge activity(We have Blueprints (the track design)) to examine and learn from on our New HO scale “under construction” table top railroad, and can assist Cubs to learn how to draw train track blueprints and 3. learn more about “engineering” in general and engineers for this badge,  at least the original railroad engineers had a lot of decisions to make to construct a right of way, bridge rivers, and/or build tunnels and fills/cuts to level the trains path … among other challenges).    note:  badge requirements follow below.
    • GSA  (We are investigating tie “ins” to GS USA activities (comments welcome), besides a possible museum like tour; please help this NJ based GSMRR club To Learn more about GS badges related to a scale and operating Model RailRoad.  Consider to have a troop to visit our Layout/Museum like club (contact us by email to discuss).  We can offer a minature HO scale  train Town/Models scavenger hunt, (GSMRR-Railroad themed); also explore possible tie in to the GS Robotics Badge).  At a minimum we teach youth groups about the hobby and to learn a healthy respect about basic  electricity  (DC), about computer control of trains (DCC), and how basic model trains and accessories are controlled and run (scout STEM tie in) .

To learn more you may also contact us via email at    Please mention the Troop and or Scout request/Question in the subject line