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Union Avenue Grade Crossing 1970

Here we are looking south at the Union Avenue grade crossing in Haskell toward Pompton Junction. There hasn't been a train through here in quite a while, as evidenced by the lack of protection for the grade crossing and the rust on the rails. Note the superelevation of the track and the graceful curve. The signal is the approach signal for the Pompton Junction home signal, which could not be seen due to the curve. Oddly enough, the home signal still stands.
Picture by Robert E. Savino, 1970.

Union Avenue Grade Crossing 2001

Thirty one years later, standing in the parking lot of the Roar of the Crowd drinking establishment, we can see little evidence of the railroad. In the distance, I-287 roars overhead. Most of the right of way has been obliterated by the construction of the Wanaque South pipeline, which turns east and follows the NYS&W at Pompton Junction.
Picture by Robert E. Savino, 2001.

Wanaque River Bridge 1970

Looking south (I believe) through the steelwork of the Wanaque River bridge. This picture today is very hard to duplicate due to the overgrowth of vegetation and the posts which now block the right of way.
Picture by Robert E. Savino, 1970.

Wanaque River Bridge 1970

Just opposite the huge Raymond Dam of the Wanaque Reservoir stood this bridge, where the railroad crossed the Wanaque River. Careful inspection of the embankment behind the north (left) abutment shows evidence of an earlier stone abutment, indicating that this was not the original bridge. A picture of the original bridge can be found at the Borough of Wanaque's local history page.
Picture by Robert E. Savino, 1970.

Site of Wanaque River Bridge 2001

Thirty one years later, the bridge is long gone. It survived for several years after the track was removed. North of here, there are stretches of the right of way that still have ties. There was a wye and a small yard in Wanaque, which is now occupied by a grammar school, not to be confused with nearby Lakeland Regional High.
Picture by Robert E. Savino, 2001.

Fern Place Crossing 2001

Traveling further north, in the vicinity of Conklintown Rd., one can find a stretch of undisturbed roadbed that still has ties. In the background is a house that sits on the right of way.
Picture by Robert E. Savino, 2001.

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