The Lackawanna Cutoff - Then & Now

Blairstown, NJ

Blairstown 1912

Blairstown as it looked at the completion of the Cutoff in 1912. Notice the freight station to the left of the passenger station - Blairstown was an important stop along the Cutoff, despite being located two miles from the town.

Photo from The Lackawanna Railroad in Northwest New Jersey by Larry Lowenthal and William T. Greenberg Jr., Tri State Railway Historical Society, 1987.

Blairstown 1958

The Blairstown station as it appeared on March 8, 1958.

Photo by Al Holtz, from LACKAWANNA RAILROAD IN COLOR by David Sweetland, Morning Sun Books, Edison, NJ, 1990.

Blairstown 2001

A December 2001 view of Blairstown Depot taken on one of our Club trips.

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