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The Garden State Model Railway Club would like to dedicate this page to our good friends in the Maywood Station Historical Committee (MSHC). The Committee was formed in the late spring of 2002 to save the structure from a demolition order of the Borough of Maywood! The station was originally built by the New York, Susquehanna & Western in 1872. Passenger service ceased in 1966 and the NYS&W mainline has been freight only ever since. Far more details about the structure's rich history, as well as the Committee's hard work to restore the building, can be obtained at the MSHC Website.
Maywood Station 1925

Historic Maywood Station circa 1925. Photo courtesy of MSHC.

Maywood Station before restoration in 2002

This is what the station looked like before the MSCH began work on the structure in the late spring of 2002. The roof is in terrible shape. The attached freight house was demolished in 1999, leaving the southwest side totally exposed to the elements.

Maywood Station restored!

Just two days before 2003 and 7 months after the above photo, the Maywood Station is in excellent shape and well protected from the elements thanks to the hard work of volunteers in the MSHC!

Maywood Station restored!

Another view of this beautiful structure in the light snow of late December 2002.

Russel plow at Maywood Station

On February 19, 2003, a vintage 1920s Russel snow plow cleared the tracks along the NYS&W main. It is seen here in front of Maywood Station. There was over 20 inches of snow on the ground, and the last time this plow was called out was during the blizzard of 1996.

Visit the Website of the Maywood Station Historical Committee!

This page was written by Robert J. Savino in memory of MSHC member and GSMRRC member Doug Earls
Last Updated November 29, 2015
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